8 WAYS TO Lose some extra inches from your waist

Written by Selva Saravanan May 5 2022

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Eat a calorie deficit diet

Burning more calories than we intake is a guranted way to get lean. By cutting back on calories, your body takes energy from excess fat present in your muscles which helps you lose weight.


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Do resistance exercises

Resistance exercises burn calories and also help develop muscle. Muscles needs more energy than fat. Your muscles burn more calories while you are asleep.


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Eat more protein

Protein-rich food helps you maintain your satiety level.  It helps you to feel less hungry throughout the day. Chickpeas, eggs, meat, lentils, soya chunks, etc are highly rich in protein. 


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Brisk walking and cardio

Brisk walking and cycling are the easiest and most effective routines to get in shape. Walking 10,000 steps a day wiill help you lose some extra inches of your waist. 


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Sleep 8 hours a day

Our bodies burn more calories while we are asleep. Not only that, a good  8 hrs of sleep helps you to be more active and improves metabolism as well.


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Drink plenty of waters

Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps you keep fuller and less hungry throughout the day. 


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Eat low-calorie foods

Cutting back on calories does not mean fasting throughout the day. Eat vegetables and fruits to feel less hungry as they are relatively low in calories. 


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Avoid carbonated drinks

Processed sugar and carbonated drinks contain high calories and increase “visceral fat”. These soft drinnks are the main culprit for pot bellies.