Your courage will inspire young women – Priyanka Gandhi congratulates boxer Nikath Shareen

priyanka gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi congratulates Indian boxer Nikath Shareen on winning gold in boxing.The final of the 12th Women’s World Boxing Championships was held yesterday in Istanbul, Turkey.Nikath Shareen, 25, advanced to the final for India in the 52 kg weight category.

Nikath Sharin will face Thailand’s Judamas Jitpang in the World Women’s Boxing Final yesterday.Indian Nikath Shareen won the match 5-0 and clinched the gold medal.She thus became the fifth Indian to win the Women’s World Boxing Championship title.

While many political leaders praised her, Priyanka Gandhi said on her Twitter page, Your glorious victory at the World Boxing Championships is a moment of pride for India. All the best, I hope your courage inspires more and more young women to break barriers and excel at every sport


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